I have always enjoyed Illustration from an early age. My earliest memory of this is doodling on scrap pieces of paper I could find and cutting up images and collaging them in to one big piece. I can remember spending most of my childhood just drawing and being inspired to make and design anything and everything! This love of Illustration/Art has stayed with me and developed and grown, now, I cannot imagine wanting to do anything else.
I have always wanted to work within the Illustration industry because it has always felt like the right direction for me to take. For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to go to an Illustration course at University and I now feel really lucky to have the opportunity to do so. I enjoy being creative and I view Illustration as a natural way for me to express myself. I particular enjoy drawing and how this allows me to create images in a way that I see them. I also enjoy working in a figurative and detailed way and I am to make my work expressive and visually interesting through tone and mark making. I feel, from my progression from G.C.S.E through A levels I am beginning to develop my own style and way of working. I particularly enjoy portraiture work and using animals as subject matter.
Whilst at Culcheth high school, I achieved five G.C.S.E, gaining a grade A in ND graphic design. I have since gone on to two A levels at Wigan and Leigh college. I have completed an A level in Fine art, whilst there, and I enjoyed this extremely. I found this course very challenging but rewarding. I am currently completed an Foundation Degree Graphics Design course. This two-year course has been very beneficial to me as I feel I have developed my skills within Illustration and have gained an understanding of the various disciplines within Graphic design. I enjoy creating images in response to a piece of writing or a particular theme. I like the creative freedom this allows and the vast potential for work.
My interests including music , reading and some of my favourite graphic novels and Illustration books includes Illustration Now and Digital Arts. I have recently carried out an Illustration brief based on T-shirt design and a brief from Salford University this was very exciting for me and, I feel, a turning point in my work.
I enjoy visiting art galleries and exhibitions. I am particularly interested in figurative portraiture and illustration-based exhibitions. I found these very interesting as there were varied styles and approaches to drawing. At this stage, I am interested in T-shirt Illustrations as there are so many qualities, contemporary Illustrations at the moment that I find inspiring. I see Illustrations for T-shirt design as something worthwhile and or importance. They can capture people’s imagination.
I used to work for the past year at a night club called the Common Room in Culcheth as a part-time bar staff. This involves such duties as dealing with customers, dealing with money and organising displays. I have enjoyed the job as we are a fairly busy club so I meet a lot of different people and I find this a good way to socialise more. 

Why T-shirt design?
Well The growth of the T-shirt industry is tremendous. Apart from T-shirt being one of the most popular outfits to be worn today, T-shirts growth has been fueled by other factors such as the spawning of numerous online T-shirt stores, the custom design t-shirt stores where you can customize the detail of any tee to your choice have made shopping for t-shirts a convenient task. Moreover T-shirts are today being used as publicity means by big corporations to small blogs alike. All these factors have only resulted in manifold growth of the t-shirt industry in the recent years.