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Walking home an this black cat was walking beside me all the way home ^^ so adorable


Finding some old character designs

Been feel pritty low lately an thought of illustrating it with typography now im bad at type buuuuuut I’m quite proud of this one it says:

If there’s a hell you might as well mark a spot for my soul,

If there’s a god I’m sorry for I won’t pass the gates,

I’m not quite sure if i deserve to wake up.

Hehe now ino that seems dark but its a good way to get it all my system. ^^

Here is one illustrator who was a dear friend of mine and a big inspiration.

Her works amazing and I hope you can spare a bit of time to look at her work. 



Ahhhh where would I be with out this now here is my bible everything illustrators, leaflets anything that catches my eyes are put in this book.

Say hello to TOBI he’s just a small little thing with big dreams ^^

He is a doodle but its a start for a little mascot 🙂

I drew this for people who feel alone an to instead of fearing it, take a step back think an amend any broken bonds. ^^

Steampunk spidey

As this is my new blog I wanted to put some work I’ve done over the year ^^

I find it hard to find briefs an I would like to get my work out there so if there any people would like any designing done id love to help.

Logo design
T-shirt design
CD design
Web design
An Illustration.

Please get in contact